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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to common questions many patients have about health care at Seattle Healing Arts Center.  

To help you prepare for your first visit, see Getting Started.

If you have specific questions about your treatment, contact your practitioner.


How do I find a practitioner for a certain type of therapy?

Visit the Practitioners By Specialty section of our site. You can find health care experts for a wide range of healing modalities and click a practitioner name to learn more about them.

How are Naturopathic Doctors different from MDs?

Both MDs and Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) have extensive education in clinical sciences and diagnostics. NDs are also highly trained in a broad range of natural therapies, with a focus on healing the whole person and root causes of imbalances and dysfunctions as opposed to addressing isolated health issues.

NDs treat health conditions with botanical, nutritional, homeopathic and bio-identical medicines that are safe and easy for the body to process. Naturopathic care may also include hands-on therapy (such as Cranio-Sacral) and lifestyle counseling to support a total healing process for body, mind, and spirit.

Can Naturopathic Doctors prescribe medications?

Yes, our NDs can write pharmacy prescriptions for most medications. However, typically our practitioners prefer to use natural and botanical medicines, which are easier and safer for the body to process. (Natural medicines are often less expensive than pharmaceuticals as well.)

Do you sell natural medicines?

Yes. Seattle Healing Arts Center has a complete in-house professional dispensary that carries most of the natural medicines our practitioners use in their treatment plans, including botanicals, nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormones, and more.

In addition to pills, many herbs, supplements, vitamins, and cleansing formulas come in liquid or powder form, and many medicinal herbs can be brewed as tea.

Do I have to stop taking other prescriptions to benefit from naturopathic treatment?

Typically, no — however, your Naturopathic Doctor will advise you on the most effective approach for your treatment.

Many people find that as their body regains health and vitality, they need to rely less on prescription drugs and can manage comfortably with natural medicines and healthy nutrition.

If you need to continue prescription medication, natural therapies are often helpful in reducing side effects and enhancing therapeutic value.

What types of diet changes will I have to make?

Any nutritional plan relating to your health care will depend upon your specific health issues and the advice of your practitioner.

Healthy food can be a powerful influence in restoring balance and vitality to your body. Often the more you improve your diet, the more effective your other treatments will be.

Is natural medicine safe for children?

Yes. Natural medicine can be extremely safe and effective for children when administered under the care of a qualified practitioner. If you are seeing a Naturopathic Doctor, your primary pediatrician may also continue to play a vital role in the child’s health.

How many visits will I need?

Based on your specific health issues, your practitioner will develop a pesonalized treatment plan with recommendations on how often you should meet with them.

In the early stages of your treatment, your practitioner may want to see you more frequently so they can fine-tune your care plan based on your symptoms and discuss any lab results.

If you are seeing a Naturopathic Doctor, after your first 1-1.5 hour consultation, your subsequent visits will usually last about 30 minutes. These visits are a good time to ask questions about your treatment and condition so you stay well-informed through your healing process.

What types of lab tests do your practitioners use?

Our family practice MDs and Naturopathic Doctors use a wide range of diagnostic tests that examine blood, urine, stool or saliva to detect deficiencies and disease.

Some tests are conducted in the office; some tests you can do at home. The home tests provide easy-to-follow instructions, and their boxes are pre-labelled so you can easily mail completed tests to the lab.

Results will be sent to your practitioner, who will discuss everything with you and recommend next steps for your treatment.

When do I pay for visits and lab tests?

As each practitioner runs their practice independently, payment policies and insurance coverage varies for each of them. To learn more, please contact your practitioner directly.

Depending upon your practitioner and the nature of your treatment, you might be asked to pay in full at each visit and receive insurance claims for reimbursal. Or, you might only have to provide a co-payment while your insurance provider covers the rest.

Do your practitioners accept health insurance?

As each practitioner runs their practice independently, insurance coverage varies for each of them. To learn more, please contact your practitioner directly. (If they have a bio page on our site, you can learn which insurance providers they support.)

How do I find out if I'm covered for my treatment?

Contact your insurance provider and ask specific questions such as:

a) What is my "Out-of-Network" coverage?
b) Do I need a PCP (Primary Care Physician) referral?
c) Do I have a deductible to cover?
d) Do I have coverage for lab testing? For natural medicines?

Additionally, as insurance often does not cover herbal or nutritional supplements, it can be helpful to have your Naturopathic Doctor write a letter clarifying that these medicines are integral to your treatment. You can then submit that letter with your claims for coverage consideration.

What kinds of fees can I expect?

As each practitioner runs their practice independently, treatment fees vary for each of them. To learn more, please contact your practitioner directly. (If they have a bio page on our site, you can learn about their payment policies.)




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