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Joshua Aaron Ginzler, PhD



I have known since I was in high school that I wanted to be a psychologist. The field of psychology and the puzzle that connects thoughts, emotions, and behaviors has fascinated me, both as a research scientist at UW and in my work as a therapist.

Currently, my private practice provides individual, couples, and family therapy to the community. My greatest strength is that I can treat a broad age range, from preadolescence through adulthood, and I have expertise diagnosing a broad set of issues, from depression and anxiety to substance use and personality disorders. I see all clients for their humanity, offering respect, compassion, and kindness to everyone. We are all amazing creatures, trying to make sense of our experience and the world around us.

My clinical approach is shaped by my experiences as a clinician and as a researcher. From high school, to Berkeley Mental Health outpatient and mobile crisis teams, to my research at University of Washington with homeless populations, substance use, and suicide, I often help people understand how they exist as individuals and experience life within the framework of their community.

I work from a contemplative and mindfulness-based approach, whichi I developed with some academic colleagues. The Mindful Family program is a clear and concise method for allowing an individual to learn a life skills set to help them find greater emotional balance and satisfaction with their lives. I also offer this to entire families, with the goal of better supporting the work and health of the individual who may have the greatest imminent need.

I am also trained in: Cultivation of Compassion Training, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Relapse Therapy. While I bring these evidence-based programs into my work with clients, I also offer workshops to the public throughout the year.

I teach risk-minimization by employing harm reduction approaches, including moderation and/or abstinence dependent upon the client generated goals. I am currently accepting new clients. You can trust that I will clearly indicate if I am not a good fit for a person, but I am confident that I bring a well-informed view and a truly empathetic mindset to any therapeutic relationship. I feel safe in stating that you will quickly find me to be a strong trustworthy colleague in your personal endeavors.




    • individuals, couples, families, groups (all ages)
    • vulnerable or high-risk populations
    • addictive behaviors, substance use disorders
    • anxiety, depression, bipolar, suicidality / nonsuicidal
      self-injurious behaviors
    • abuse (emotional, physical,
    • trauma, loss, grief, life transitions
    • LBGT related experiences
    • personality disorders
    • homelessness
    • Therapies: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Dialectical Behavior Therapy; Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy;
      Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention; Motivational Interviewing; Relapse Therapy; Schema Therapy




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  • BA, Psychology - Ohio State University, 1989
  • MA Psychology - Bowling Green State University, 1993
  • PhD Psychology - Bowling Green State University, 1997
  • Post-doctoral respecialization, Clinical Psychology - California School of Professional Psychology, 2004

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