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Wilma Shaw, NTP


Nutritional therapy is a holistic nutritional approach to support the body in its quest for health and balance. The goal is to address underlying root causes of sub-par health and correct nutritional weaknesses using a foundational perspective. Nutritional therapy recognizes six foundations for health – Diet, Digestion, Blood Sugar Balance, Fatty Acid Balance, Mineral Balance, and Hydration. Imbalances and weaknesses in these foundations play a role in many of the chronic, degenerative health conditions that prevent many of us from truly relishing life.

Wilma Shaw, NTP

As a nutritional therapist, I don't diagnose or treat disease. Instead we will be a team working together to unravel your health history and symptoms, look for some common threads and compose a plan to give your body the raw materials it needs to seek wellness, balance, and health. While everyone's needs are a little different, a combination of strategies including a nutrient-dense diet, supplements, and lifestyle factors will form the foundation of our plan.

Together we will customize a plan that respects your body's unique history and needs and work together to implement it as you make this journey towards optimal health.

I also offer RESTART®, a 5-week small group program with a 3-week processed food & sugar detox built in to it. It is part nutritional education, part detox, and part support group. Discover how good you can feel when you give your body a vacation from processing sugar and other toxins present in processed foods. You will be fully supported as you go through this gentle, yet powerful program that will help you give your body a well deserved break.

I want you to reach your goals—to help you claim your right to better health!

If you feel like nutritional therapy may be right for you, contact me to arrange a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss the process, your goals and areas of concern. Please see my website for more information on the various services & packages available.










  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner - NTA, 2015
  • Advanced Muscle Testing – Inneractive Healing Systems, 2016
  • Digestive Intensive Graduate – Holistic Nutrition Lab, 2015
  • Restorative Wellness Practitioner – In work, 2017
  • Mastering Functional Lab Test Analysis – In work, 2017



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