Michael Byrne, ND, MA, LMHC

In my practice I specialize in treating mental health issues. My approach is holistic, combining counseling with nutritional, herbal and lifestyle supportive measures. I work with people with a wide variety of depression and anxiety disorders. I also work with people who are primarily struggling with a chronic physical illness, but are feeling stuck in their progress. Often there are subtle mental, emotional or spiritual issues that are a part of their physical illness, and by addressing these as well; people find that positive changes come more easily.

I also utilize craniosacral therapy, guided imagery, relaxation, yoga and meditation techniques, as these have proven to be profound tools for healing and growth. Body, mind and spirit are inseparable, and the key to a person’s success may be found in any of these areas.

I am a psychotherapist, a naturopathic physician and a life coach. I work with people of all ages, and no issue is too big or too small. As a counselor, I also work with couples, new parents and parents-to-be. In this area I also specialize in working with co-parenting issues arising from divorce or separations, and the complexities of compound families.

My aim is to help you regain hope and generate momentum in creating the health and well being you desire, in yourself, in your family and in your relationships. I work with those who are discouraged with life, feeling stuck, needing support through transitions, or dealing with any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenges.

I listen for what you passionately care about, and I listen for your greatness. I listen for what goals inspire you, and I am committed to helping you achieve them. I aim to put you in control of your healthcare, and your life, and happily collaborate with any other healthcare providers you are seeing. My intention is to provide the support and feedback that enables you to act boldly to create a life you love.

  • Tufts University
  • Harvard University
  • Bastyr University, Seattle
  • Antioch University Seattle
  • Aetna

  • First Choice

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  • Regence

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  • AANP – American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • WANP – WA Association of Naturopathic Physicians – past board member
  • PSAS – Puget Sound Adlerian Society – past board member
  • Sailing Instructor – Sail Sandpoint and the Center for Wooden Boats